UMPRUM Winter Artsemestr 2016

This week the The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (UMPRUM) opened the doors of its numerous studios to present one of the most significant student projects of the year 2016 – large-scale exhibition of their end-of-term works.

The academy is based on the old school “master and apprentice” tradition, where every studio is headed by an experienced artist or designer, such as Liběna Rochová, Eva Eisler or Jitka Škopová, who helps his students through their studies. Though all students work quite independently, usually a common theme is set to unite all the works together.

UMPRUM works in different fields of art – architecture, design, fine and applied arts, graphics, theory and history of art. Almost every department participated in the Winter Artsemester. The Atelier of Fashion and Footwear Design was not an exception. It is run by Liběna Rochová, a well-known Czech fashion designer. She is an active participant of the exhibitions and fashion shows in Europe and US. During winter semester 2016 her students worked under a common topic of women’s wear in Japan. The work that stood out was a kimono by Agáta Zapotilová, who used classic forms and pastel colors to make her work a fusion of old and new tradition.

The Atelier of textile design also took part in the show, presenting their projects united under one topic – “Landscape, wood, water”. The visitors could see individual projects such as clothing pieces by Johana Grigarová (photo:Lena Gallovičová, model:Jola Humplová), which were made of paper and inspired by nature sounds.

Group project presented a result of a creative workshop that took place at Colloredo-Manssfeld forest. The students were offered to make a poem and use it as an inspiration for creating a t-shirt using their own sketches and only two colors.


Eva Eisler’s studio this winter presented a collection of chess sets, made of all possible materials – stone, wood, glass, metals and so on. Eva Eisler is known for her creative work as a jewelry maker, but also her contribution into such areas as architecture, design and fine arts. With such a vast experience in arts, her choice of such an unusual topic does not seem a result of a mere coincidence.




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