Wild Dreams by Jiří Černický

Gallery Rudolfinum is a state gallery, which means it is run and financed by the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic. It is housed in the Neo-Renaissance historic building, richly decorated in red and gold. That’s why  from the first sight the exhibition of Jiří Černický seems to be a little bit out of place. But after a while the boarders of modernity and historicity merge.

Jiří Černický became an active artist in the early nineties. Now he is one of the most well-known artists of the Czech Art scene. Currently he supervises one of the UMPRUM art studios. From my last visit to this art school I remember some of his students’ works. I must say, Černický’s style can be seen in most of them.


Specially for his show in Rudolfinum Černický put together a project that involves 50 drawings and 50 objects and installation pieces.


In this exhibition the artist touches upon environmental and social themes. Exploring and using new systems he creates new artifacts out of found materials, that one way or another remind is of traditional ones. Like in dreams – familiar objects turn into something surreal. With his drawings and diagrams Černický sort of creates these “dreams” sometimes utopian and sometimes completely wild, but nevertheless mirroring our contemporary environment.

A big part of the exhibition consists of physical models constructed on the basis of Černický’s surreal drawings. It doesn’t seem like they have a particular practical purpose, but sometimes we get the feeling that sooner or later these objects can become a part of our world. The meanings are also not very clear, but isn’t it a part of the artist’s idea?


The show is accompanied by a detailed printed guide with the description of the exhibition in general, info about his Nobody Readable performance and an interview. This makes any visitor’s to experience the exhibition to the fullest. Moreover, at some point a visitor becomes a part of the show.



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