Hate Free? @ DOX

We live in hard times when the feeling of hatred is becoming an inseparable part of our day-to-day life. Can we resist it, and if yes – how? DOX museum decided to give us some food for reflection and opened it’s exhibition Hate Free?, devoted to our increasingly polarized world.


The curator showed us around and told us everything about the project Hate Free? itself, about artist’s ideas and some of the “behind the scene” facts. This tour. of course, helped us to deeper understand the message the show. The exhibiting artists tried to show us different groups of people, who encounter injustice on a daily basis – ethnic groups, sexual minorities, immigrants and so on. They tell us individual stories to evoke the feeling of compassion.


This can be considered as a good example of a different kind of art…purely social and political. Its purpose is not to show us aesthetically pleasing still-life paintings. This art is provocative, irritating, evoking feelings of rejection and denial. Though personally I don’t consider this exhibition to be artistic, I think it is an interesting and creative way to promote strong ideas to the society. After this tour not only me, but most of my friends wanted just to sit quietly and sort of process the received information and make sense of it all. Instead we had the so-called “workshop” that was absolutely useless and unorganized. Treating students like middle school pupils…bad, bad idea…


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