Brož & Nikl @ Nevan Contempo

  • Nevan Contempo
  • U Rajské zahrady 14, Praha 3
  • 03.01.2016 – 05.03.2016

Nevan Contempo, a gallery in Zizkov, presents “Je Suis Symmetry” – a collaborative project  of two contemporary artists Jan Brož and Richard Nikl. This minimalist show perfectly fitted into a small exhibition space.

It is hard to grasp the idea of the conceptual artwork from the first sight. It is better to take you time, walk around and have a closer look on the art objects exhibited. The artists do not give direct explanations to their works, but we can feel a vibe of high tech aura. Seems like the idea was to investigate how technology and humans coexist and develop.


Personally I find some of the works very similar to those hypnotic images we see on the internet from time to time. Did artists think about it when they created their art pieces – I don’t know. But it was interesting to find some personal associations and to reflect on them on my way home.


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