Intermarium @ Futura

  • Futura
  • Holečkova 49
  • 26.01.2016 – 27.03.2016

The biggest current exhibition at Futura gallery is called Intermarium and it was inspired by the book called “The Victorious Republic” by Ziemovit Szczerek. This books tells an alternative story of the times of the Second World War when Poland becomes the leader of Central European Region, creates an entity with other countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary and Yugoslavia etc. called “Intermarium” (“in-between two seas”), but after some time collapses, turning the imperial dream into a mere illusion.


Each artist of the Intermarium project represents a national identity expressed through the works of art. All of them in their own way represented their ideas on the topic of this unreal united republic – through video projections, posters, graffiti, light installations and so on. This variety of different art forms engaged visitors’ interest and unusual implementation of ideas made them wonder throughout Futura halls for a long time, taking a closer look and reflecting on every art piece.

Some of the works stand for unification and friendship, some – criticize this utopian idea and show the world as it is – segmented and unfriendly. Most of the works are rather minimalistic and have an unclear statement. But at the same time somewhere in our unconscious we grasp the general idea anyway.

What is it? Who knows.

  • A representation of state flags?
  • Building bricks in Tetris game?
  • Fading and emerging images of past and future?


This Futura exhibition is only a part of a big Intermarium project which after Prague moves to Budapest, Zilina and Nowy Sacz.



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