Kunsthalle Wien

The Promise of Total Automatism is an exhibition that investigates the fascination for automatism. It includes art pieces created by artists from all over the world, including Prague.  An idea of totally automated life is very tempting and becomes a reason for creation of all sorts of dreams and utopias about an ideal life and symbiosis between technology, humans and nature.


German artist Nick Laessing is experimenting on alternative methods of making batteries that convert chemical energy into electrical one. His series of 3 plates is called Galvanic reaction VII, X and XI – Copper, Zinc, Copper. It shows us that science can be beautiful.

Daria Martin’s short film shows us how the machines, specially programmed to learn from their environment, interact with a dancer. They built a special kind of relationships – in the course of this “dance” the machines seem to acquire a life of their own.


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