The Portent of Light @ Meet Factory

  • MeetFactory 
  • Ke Sklárně 3213/15
  • Exhibition opening 14. 04. 2016

This show at Meet Factory was inspired by the books of Ludvik Soucek, a Czechoslovakian sci-fi writer. During his life he was obsessed by vanished civilizations, ancient cultures and histories. Among his passions were alchemy and exobiology.


So the contemporary exhibition is exploring the phenomenon of “ancient knowledge and wisdom”. All art pieces can be seen as medium for passing this knowledge to the audience. On some of them we can see aliens (as representatives of highly developed but enigmatic civilizations), secret codes of different signs.


My personal favorite was a triptych by Mark Fridvalszki accompanying his wall print with ancient cave paintings composed into one big collage and representing either gods, aliens or entities from other dimensions. The triptych is consists of the images from Gaugin’s work Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? that are inversed and covered with abstract white shapes taken from crop circles (at least that’s what the description says; why are these shapes square then…who knows… :/) TgduVgBPH0s



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