Going to MeetFactory…again :/

  • MeetFactory 
  • Ke Sklárně 3213/15
  • 14. 04. 2016 – 31. 05. 2016

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I’ve already seen this exhibition and written my blog post on it. The only thing I can add is it was interesting to meet the curator himself, talk to him, ask questions, and receive some additional information regarding the exhibition itself. But not about MeetFactory in general as I’ve already heard it for like gazillion times – it was established by…we have these departments…we have artists’ residency…bla bla bla…David Cerny…bla bla bla…

It is a call for help, seriously: as an art student at AAU I have four classes this semester and THREE professors out of FOUR took us to Rudolfinum to see Taryn Simon’s show. I even don’t want to mention how many times I’ve been to Veletržní Palác. Something should be done about that. Either Prague’s art scene is not vast enough, or it lacks quality exhibitions…both options are kind of sad.



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